Why Should I Care?

It is difficult to reach students at times. They are busy and the frustration of learning that much of their consumer behavior is not from choice but marketing is difficult to accept, let alone teach. I have constantly tried to find new and exciting ways to think about how to approach students in this way. This attempt was somewhat successful but difficult to attend to due to my own schedule. I wanted to try to make some super brief videos that captured a level of criticism that would speak to students in design programs. The result was the creation of 5 minute briefs about why designers should care about things they might not notice normally.

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The Data Science Program and Skill Network Map

Data Science is new and weird and doesn’t always make sense. Much of the information that is out there is contradictory as well as dense and difficult to parse. For the advising team at Bellevue University, I started to collect a number of skills, concepts, and programs that students would learn in the program I created. I then mapped each of these to their respective courses and stuck it inside of NodeXL and then a Gephi compatible file. The result should be useful enough for students and advisors.

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The Monster Hunter Podcast

Many years ago, a colleague from the Cologne Game Lab in Cologne Germany asked me to start a podcast so that we could learn how to edit, broadcast, and capture video and audio.
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