Crisis Response Wargame for Training and Classroom Use


Pen and Paper-based simulations (or wargames) were a staple of the classroom until the early 1980s. From Chess to Diplomacy, the tabletop was a useful way to educate about finer points of conceptual environments. The computer simulation, while less time consuming, hides many procedures from the user. Emergency Response is replete with all manner of concepts that are difficult to teach through computer simulation. As such, educators need to look backward to simulations created before the computer age and combine them with automated social media content for a more sophisticated means through which to educate or train students. By combining electronic communication with 1970s inspired wargames, this project intends to create a hybrid simulation for educators to use in the classroom. Its intent is to simulate what can cause an emergency response to a disaster to go well both in the public eye and for those impacted by the event.

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