Is Play the Thing? Video versus Board and the Spaces in-between


The computer is an institution much like the societies and cultures that birthed it – disjointed, hegemonic, asymmetric in their understanding of what the computer is for, and trapped in the ontology of the language computation was designed through - English. This mishmash of development we call a computer has followed a singular path since the personal computer was released in the early 1980s and has grown to a near ubiquitous state (Dourish, 2004). In fact, it is now nearly impossible to escape the metaphor of the computer in everyday life (Curtis, 2004). We have become hybrid yet, for the most part, we still try and separate the world inside the computer – the virtual world – and the world outside of it – the real world. When we install the concept of games and play into this dialectic, we see a mimesis.

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